Holiday Puzzles 2019

1. 20/20 VISION
Use the digits 1 through 9, in increasing order, to make the new year of 2020. You can only add the symbols + – × / ( ).

Match these Division I college football
schools with their colorful team names:
1. Alabama A. Black Knights
2. Arkansas B. Blue Devils
3. Army C. Blue Raiders
4. California D. Crimson Tide
5. Duke E. Golden Bears
6. Georgia F. Golden Eagles
7. Hawaii G. Golden Flashes
8. Kent State H. Golden Gophers
9. Miami (of Ohio) I. Golden Hurricane
10. Middle Tennessee J. Green Wave
11. Minnesota K. Mean Green
12. North Texas L. Orange
13. Rutgers M. Rainbow Warriors
14. Southern Mississippi N. RedHawks
15. Syracuse O. Red Raiders
16. Texas Tech P. Red Wolves
17. Tulane Q. Scarlet Knights
18. Tulsa R. Yellow Jackets


Insert a different two-digit number in each circle. Circles are connected by a line if the numbers they contain either differ by 1, have a ratio of 2 or 3, or look like the other when turned upside down. For example, 92 could be connected to 26, 46, 91, or 93. Leading zeroes are not allowed.

4. MNO

In every grid below, each row and column should contain 2 dots and 1 letter. The letter M indicates it is the Midpoint of the dots in its row and column. The letter N indicates it is between the dots but Not the midpoint. The letter O indicates it is Outside the dots. Fill in the missing symbols and dots.

Add a white piece to the position below so that there is mate in 1 move. Then add different white pieces to the same square so that there are mates in 2, 3, and 4 moves. (Thanks to George Sicherman)