Triple Letter Puzzles

Fill in the 2 missing words in each sentence below. Each color of box represents a different letter, though the letters will change from sentence to sentence. Each puzzle below has a unique solution that makes sense.

1. The fundamentalist on the corner shouted "The grim will soon ."

2. While the band on the car radio was , I was busy looking at road .

3. After initially refusing, the child usually his mother and eats his .

4. She brought cookies to the party, but the elite there preferred the .

5. The we saw at the zoo definitely enjoyed eating his ripe .

6. I sometimes eat , but my says it is healthier to be a vegetarian.

7. I have always enjoyed roping and riding, so I some equipment.

8. Since my chain had fallen off, I went to the to my bicycle.

9. After losing a few pounds last month, he seems to be weight .

10. Our therapist our arguments and us what to work on.

11. The taxidermist never imagined his would be stuffing .

12. The a person is, the more the robber baron them.

13. She the argument, but does not her husband's actions.

14. This is the time I've had to someone that was fired.

15. She made her decision in haste, and the of it surprised me.

The solutions are here.