Logic Puzzles

Tweedledum and Tweedledee look alike, but Tweedledum lies on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, whereas Tweedledee lies on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They both tell the truth on Sunday. You come upon the two of them, and they make the following statements. In each case, determine who is who, and what day it is.

Each puzzle below has a unique solution.

A: I will lie tomorrow.
A: Today is not Sunday.
B: I lied yesterday, and I will lie tomorrow.
B: Today is not Monday.

A: Today is Sunday.
A: Today is Monday or Wednesday.
B: Today is Tuesday.
B: Today is Monday or Sunday.

A: Tweedledee lied yesterday.
A: I lie on Friday.
B: Tweedledum lied 3 days ago.
B: I lie on Monday.

A: I am Tweedledum.
A: Tweedledum will tell the truth tomorrow.
B: I am Tweedledee.
B: Today is not Tuesday.

A: I will tell the truth 2 days from now.
A: My brother tells the truth tomorrow.
B: I will tell the truth 3 days from now.
B: Today is Saturday.