Erich's Undergraduate Research
Erich's Undergraduate Research

Every Stetson student does a Senior Research Project during their last two semesters. Here are the projects that students did with me:

Uncrossed Knight Tours
(Ciara Caltagirone, 1998)
Triangulations of Squares
(Stephanie Daignault, 1998)
Building Minimal Block Bridges
(Amanda Richardson, 1998)
One Dimensional Peg Solitaire
(Jennifer Scott, 1998)
Mancala Ad Infinitum
(Gary Preisser, 1998)
A Mathematical Way
of Connecting the Dots
(Heather Garten, 2000)
Bumper Cars
(Will Simpson, 2000)
Balancing Survey Costs
with Nonresponse Bias Using
Callbacks in Telephone Surveys

(Jennifer Czuprynski, 2001)
A Variant of Pascal's Triangle
(Dennis Van Hise, 2001)
A Survey of Semi-Regular Graphs
(Alison Northup, 2002)
A Simulation of Traffic
Flow on Highways

(Jessica Lees, 2003)
Generalized Chess Endgames
(Bruce Moser, 2003)
Numerical Analysis of the
Discrete Fourier Transform

(Hope Wymer, 2004)
Blob, A Strategy Game
(Adam Holers, 2006)
Improving the Ranking System
for Women's Professional Tennis

(Maya Miladinovic, 2008)
Maximizing Angle Counts
for n Points in the Plane

(Brian Heisler, 2008)
Modeling Lower Bounds of
World Record Running Times

(Kevin Heisler, 2008)
A Bayesian Game Approach to
Coexistence with Malicious and Selfish
Nodes in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

(Andrew Roles, 2014)
Colonel Blotto: Searching for
Patterns in a Game of Allocation

(Jeremiah Jones, 2015)
Vertex Perfect Graphs
(Riley Littlefield, 2015)
Analysis of Rummy Games:
Expected Waiting Times
and Optimal Strategies

(Chris Finkle, 2017)
Predicting the Result of English
Premier League Soccer Games
with the Use of Poisson Models

(Brianne Boldrin, 2017)
Exploring Tic-Tac-Toe Variants
(Alec Levine, 2018)
Optimization of a Distribution To
Maximize Casting Cost in Hearthstone

(Ryan White, 2018)