Curriculum Vitae
Erich Friedman
Math and CS Department
Stetson University
DeLand, FL 32723
Interests Geometrical Packing
Combinatorial Geometry
Game Theory
Graph Theory

Education Ph.D. in Mathematics, Cornell University, 1991
M.S. in Mathematics, Cornell University, 1989
B.S. in Mathematics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1987

Employment Associate Professor, Stetson University, 1998-2018 (Chair, 2000-2003)
Assistant Professor, Stetson University , 1992-1998
Acting Assistant Professor, Cornell University, 1991-1992
Instructor, Cornell University, 1990-1991

Refereed Papers


Saturated Sets of Distinct Integer Equilateral Triangles, (with J. Tilley),
           Geombinatorics, Volume XXXII 2 (2023) 117-121.
Non-Tiles and Walls - A Variant on the Heesch Problem, (with R. Nandakumar),
           Geombinatorics, Volume XXVI 1 (2016) 5-11.
The Immune System Game, (with Kirsten A. Work and Melissa A. Gibbs),
           The American Biology Teacher, Volume 77 5 (2015) 382-390.
Covering Squares with Unit Squares, (with David A. Paterson),
           Geombinatorics, Volume XV 3 (2006) 130-137.
Hinged Dissection of Polyominoes and Polyforms,
           (with Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine, David Eppstein and Greg Frederickson),
           Computational Geometry Theory & Applications, Volume 31, 3 (2005) 237-262.
30 Two-Colored Points with No Empty Monochromatic Convex Fourgons,
           Geombinatorics, Volume XIV, 2 (2004) 53-54.
Partridge Numbers, (with Patrick Hamlyn),
           Geombinatorics, Volume XIII 1 (2003) 10-18.
Pascal's Triangle and the Boltzmann Distribution (with Tandy Grubbs),
           The Chemical Educator, 8 (2003) 116-121.
Squares Touching a Constant Number of Other Squares,
           Geombinatorics, Volume XII, 2 (2002) 55-60.
Constant Neighbor Dihedral Tilings with 15, 32, and 43 Neighbors
           (with Berend Jan van der Zwaag),
           Geombinatorics, Volume XI, 3 (2002) 74-77.
Magic Carpets (with Mike Keith),
           Journal of Integer Sequences, Volume 3, Issue 2 (2000)
N-Vex Shapes, Geombinatorics, Volume IX, 4 (2000) 159-163.
Heesch Tiles with Surround Numbers 3 and 4,
           Geombinatorics, Volume VIII, 4 (1999) 101-103.
Packing Unit Squares in Squares: A Survey and New Results,
           Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, DS7, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2009
How Many Bridge Auctions? (with Douglas Jungreis),
           College Mathematics Journal, 19 (1988) 171-172.

Other Papers Cubic is NP-complete, Proceedings of Florida MAA Section Meeting, 2001
What's in a Name?, Math Horizons, p. 35, April 2001
Hinged Dissection of Polyominoes and Polyforms
           (with Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine, and David Eppstein),
           Proceedings of 11th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, 1999

Plenary Talks


Two Dozen Unsolved Problems in Planar Geometry,
           Embry-Riddle Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, 2004
Reptiles, Partridges, and Golden Bees: Tiling Shapes with Similar Copies,
           MAA meeting, 2003

Other Talks Tiling Triangular Polyominoes With Two Tiles, Department Seminar, 2006
Minimal Matchstick Graphs With Small Degree Sets, Department Seminar, 2006
A Dozen Unsolved Problems in Geometry, Department Seminar, 2003
Spiral Galaxies Puzzles are NP-Complete, Department Seminar, 2002
Triangle Centers, MAA meeting, 2002
Hackenbush: The Simple Truth, QED Seminar, 2001
Cubic is NP-Complete, MAA meeting, 2001
Cubic is NP-Complete, Department Seminar, 2000
New Bounds on Large Regular Planar Graphs, MAA meeting, 2000
How to Cut a Cake, Department Seminar, 1999
New Bounds on Large Planar Graphs, Department Seminar, 1999
Packing Squares, MAA meeting, 1998
Packing Unit Squares in Squares, Department Seminar, 1997
The Game of Life, Department Seminar, 1996
Trapezoidal Numbers, Department Seminar, 1996
Mathematics and Can Stacking, DeLand High School, 1994, 1996
The Marksman Problem, Department Seminar, 1995
Mathematica and Interactive Statistics, MAA/AMS meetings, 1995
Geometric Dissections, Department Seminar, 1994
StetStat: An Interactive Statistics Package, ICTCM, 1994
The Four Color Theorem, Department Seminar, 1994

Courses Taught Finite Math, Precalculus, Business Calculus, Calculus I, II & III
Calculus with Review Part I & II, Real Analysis I & II, Complex Analysis,
Probability, Intro to Math & Stat Modeling, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Modeling,
Intro to Game Theory, Game Theory Seminar, Graph Theory, Senior Research I & II

Mini-Courses Multivariable Calculus Using the Harvard Calculus Consortium Materials, 1995
Teaching Calculus Using Mathematica, 1993
Calculus and Mathematica on the Macintosh, 1993

Service Department Chair, 2000-2003
Acting Department Chair, Summer 1998-2000, 2005, 2006
General Education Committee, 2014-2018
Admissions Committee, 1994-1997, 2000-2003, 2011-2012 (Chair 1996-1997, 2001-2003)
Faculty Senate, 1995-1998
Stetson High School Math Contest Organizer, 1995-1999
Math/Computer Science Seminar Organizer, 1994-1999
Mathematical Contest in Modeling Organizer, 1997, 1998
Putnam Examination Organizer, 1992, 1997, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009
Faculty Advisor to QED, 1999-2000, 2004-2005, 2006-2009
Faculty Advisor to Chess Club, 2012-2014
Faculty Advisor to Club Bridge, 2001-2012

Other Activities Reviewed note, American Mathematical Monthly, 2006
Reviewed article, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 2005
Consultant, Volusia County Environmental Health Lab, 2003
Associate Editor, Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, 2002
Editor, Rose-Hulman Insititute of Technology Undergraduate Mathematics Journal, 1999-2009
Reviewed textbook, Addison Wesley Longman Publishers, 1999
Field tested Mathematica software as part of NSF grant, 1999
Reviewed article, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 1998
Statistical Consultant, Volusia County Health Services, 1994-1995
Mathematical Consultant, Enigmatix Inc., 1994
Reviewed textbook, John Wiley Publishers, 1994
Reviewed article, PRIMUS, 1993

Erdös Number 3